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System 4 Therapeutical Hair SPA & Bio Botanical

System 4 Therapeutic Hair Spa - for well-being of hair and scalp System 4 is a wide perfume free range of effective therapeutic products for various scalp disorders. Carefully chosen active ingredients help eliminate dandruff, reduce itchiness and redness, activate microcirculation, maintain a healthy scalp. All System 4 products are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Bio Botanical - thinning hair support

Bio Botanical product efficiency is based on synergic work of active ingredients and herbal extracts, that target balancing scalp and maintaining overall well-being. Maintaining a balanced scalp can help to create conditions for healthy hair growth and prevent hair thinning.

Are you exfoliating your scalp?

Hair care is not the same as scalp care. We regularly use shampoo, condition and mask, but oftentimes neglect our scalp in the process. If you want to achieve beautiful, healthy hair however – you should start the treatment with the scalp. Clean, balanced scalp means beautiful, healthy growing hair.

Regular scalp exfoliation should be part of your routine even if you don’t suffer from any scalp disorders. Styling product residue creates build-up on the scalp and at the root area making hair look flat and lifeless. Regular exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and various product build up. It calms irritation, reduces itchiness and prevents scalp dryness. Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation which enhances nutrient absorption.

With System 4 Therapeutical Hair SPA and Bio Botanical hair care and exfoliation is quick and easy to perform at hair salon, trychology salon or at home.

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