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Gold Plum
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Beauty is all around ... and we know all about beauty business. Using our over 10 years experience we develop cosmetic products for private labels. Following the latest trends in cosmetic industry and fashion so close related to beauty business we create and manufacture colour and skin care cosmetics for mass market, professional and selective market, starting from the first concept trough market r esearch to the visual project.

We give advice and solutions about cosmetics and cosmetic service because we know very well the whole production process of each cosmetic and it gives us advantage in better understanding customers needs. We own our graphic design studio and we are able create complete brand concept. In our offer you can find childrens colour cosmetics (nailpolish, glitter nailpolish, face pencil, body glitter) tested by Fresenius Institute. We deliver cosmetics all around the world to:
Czech Republic
United Arabian Emirats
Saudi Arabia
We are working according to GMP.

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