Private Label Production

Eyeshadows, Blushers, Powders

We deliver loose and pressed products like eyeshadows, powders, blusher, highlighters and bronsing powders on request. we are able to produce each quantity starting from 100 pcs per colour.

We develope new formulas or we offer formulas and colors from our wide range.
Our laboratory is able to prepare any color and formula.
In our offer you can find pressed products like:
multi-colours (duo, trio, quattro)

Mascara & Eyeliner

We offer volume, long, waterproof, carbon black mascara, protective mascara and eyeliner.

For special request we provide special kind of mascara with active substances like almond oil, D-Panthenol or any other active ingredients.
Our laboratory is still working on new and best mascara formulas according to the newest trends and innovations

Lipstick & Lipgloss

We know which colours are bestsellers and which product is on top. We are ready for special requests like products for hot climate, maximizing, moisturizing effect or protective use.

We offer lipstick packaging as well.
Variety of texture of lipstick, lipgloss and protective lipstick are in our laboratory available.

Make up foundation & Concealerr

Using advanced cosmetic technologies in cooperation with make up artists and laboratories we offer best formulas of liquid make up foundation, cream foundation or cencealer.

Long-lasting, moisturizing, highlighting, matt or lift make up's are available.

Nail polish, Nail liner, Nail care

The wide colours palett includes over 500 colours according to the latest trends and innovations in cosmetic market.

Our best quality nailpolish and nailcare which we offer fulfills all demands and expectations of our customers.
Our nail polish do not incluede frmaldehyde and acetone.
We have long-lasting and ceramic nailpolish.
In our offer you can find: pearl, mat, glitter/btocate and metalic nailpolish.


We produce eye pencil, eye brown pencil, lip pencil and face pencil for childrens.

Skin care

Skin care products on request

body cream
body lotion
hand cream
face cream
cleansing milk
refreshing body mist
body glitter
face mask.